Be a supplier

Welcome suppliers! 

Here we share content created especially for you.

For a world in constant change, we are always pursuing new solutions through collaboration and partnership with our internal clients and suppliers that guarantee quality, sustainability and innovation in our transformation journey.

The Gerdau Connect project offers continuous training to make our day-to-day routines more practical, efficient and agile and ultimately make our partnership with you more fluid and dynamic.

This advance, combined with modern practices in smart and agile supply, strengthens our relations with you and facilitates our processes, which benefit all of us.

This space is our ally in this transition that is essential for our growth and will help you easily make the most of the tools. Here you have access to all the necessary information and to training courses.

It’s a win-win game! 

  • Agility and visibility;
  • Easy use of our information systems; 
  • Continuous advances in procurement.

Watch the video we produced exclusively for you and learn more about the benefits of this transformation!

Procurement Statement

We are passionate about developing solutions that create value for all our stakeholders and are guided by the principle of respecting and valuing the diversity of our team. We pursue operating efficiency strategically, technologically, innovatively and agilely to ensure free competition, transparency and compliance with our Code of Ethics and Conduct. We expect the same commitment from our suppliers and business partners.

The Gerdau Procurement team is driven by our commitment to client satisfaction with a focus on growth and the joint pursuit of the best solutions, while valuing our people, the combination of quality and reliability and promoting a safe workplace. We work as true strategic partners to your business.

We are constantly challenge ourselves to build a competitive procurement chain and guarantee the sale, production and distribution of high-value steel products and services. We create lasting, strong and fair relations with all parties that contribute to our journey.

We know that it is people and the diversity of their backgrounds and ways of working, relating and taking on challenges who every day ensure the deliveries and results for all stakeholders.