Gerdau improves CDP score


Company reaches leadership level in the climate agenda according to CDP, the global reference in sustainability

Forest Area Gerdau | Gerdau publicity

Gerdau, Brazil’s largest steel producer, has for the first time achieved the A- rating in Climate Change in the 2023 cycle of CDP, the global reference in evaluating sustainable actions. With this improvement, the company has achieved the leadership level in the topic, surpassing both the global average and that of the steel and metal industry, underscoring its commitment to transparency and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).

“The learning journey made possible by the CDP assessment is crucial for making decisions on climate change. For Gerdau, reaching the leadership level in Climate Change affirms that our strategies and initiatives are advancing according to our long-term plan. We are very proud of the results achieved so far and will continue to focus our efforts on building an increasingly sustainable future,” said Cenira Nunes, general manager – environment at Gerdau.

The initiatives reported in the 2023 assessment include the use of biocoke at the steel producing unit in Ouro Branco, Minas Gerais. This material originates from renewable sources and can be used as an alternative to coal. In 2022, the company used 21.36 thousand tonnes of biomass at this plant, thus avoiding the emission of 64.35 thousand tonnes of CO₂e.

The company also developed a GHG emissions calculator, applicable to projects with investments of over US$1.5 million. This process started to be included in the investment validation routine, after training provided to the Engineering and Environment teams and the leadership of Gerdau’s business operations around the world.

“Gerdau occupies a prominent position, with one of the lowest intensities of GHG emissions in the global steel industry, thanks to our sustainable production matrix, which is based on the recycling of scrap metal and the use of bioreducer (charcoal). We continue advancing in our commitment to further reducing our emissions, which is currently 0.86 t CO₂e per tonne of steel (Scopes 1 and 2), to 0.82 t CO₂e per tonne of steel by 2031,” Cenira concluded.

In addition to the result on Climate Change, Gerdau retained its B- rating in Water Security in the 2023 report, also above the global average and that of the steel and metal.

CDP is a non-profit organization that manages an environmental information reporting platform to help investors, companies, cities, states and regions manage their environmental impacts, including on climate change. Globally, more than 23,000 organizations report their environmental data through the platform.